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I wrote my first poem at the tender age of five,
A clear premonition that I was born to write.
Since no-one understood what my poem meant,
I reckoned my brain had a literary bent.

Growing up with the likes of Dickens and Shakespeare,
I soaked up their styles year after year.
Passion, creativity and thought combined,
To render my writing remarkably fine.

Knowing the tricks of writing like the back of my hand,
I made my verses fiery, and my prose relatively bland.
My reviews were as brutal as the winds of October,
And my features were enthralling, when I could write them sober.
But with my love of passive voice and tautology,
Pursuing a Ph.D. was an obvious path for me.

It took me 3 short years to push my thesis through,
Then, 2 long ones to finally get my due.
And now that I have my doctoral degree,
From the fetters of MLA, my script is free.
The meat and potatoes of CP style guide,
My mind is finally ready to imbibe.

The world of web writing I’m all set to explore,
And leave behind all the writing styles of yore.
So give me my wings, ’cause I’m geared up to fly,
I’m a writer by birth, won’t you give me a try?