Life Around Covid-19: Good Neighbours

For the past year, all of us have been steering our lives around COVID-19, haven’t we? It seems like we have been making adjustments constantly to “the new normal”, which doesn’t seem normal, somehow, even after 12 dull months, perhaps more. One after effect has been anxiety, irritation, mistrust, that I’m sure all of us have felt, at some point, in the last several months. Hostility at grocery stores, criticism for sending kids to school – there have been negative interactions quite a few times in our life around COVID-19.

So, this incident was a breath of fresh air for me, personally. I know that unwanted noise can cause a lot of anxiety when you’re stuck at home 24/7, so we take extra caution not to let the kids do anything to cause anyone any disturbance. However, the kids are housebound, too, and sometimes, it becomes difficult to achieve that. Carpets are a solution, but they accumulate a lot of dust and were making the kids show allergy-like symptoms. When our neighbour came to our door, we were embarrassed and apologetic, and seeing that she understood how hard it was for us and acknowledged it, was a big relief. We could also see that it was a relief for her that we acknowledged her perspective.

We were wondering if the interaction would have been different if either of us had an accusatory or confrontational tone. Who knows! For now, let’s just try to understand the other person’s perspective and let’s try to be “good neighbours” to make life around COVID-19 a little easier.

©️ Pebble in the Ocean 2021

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