How I Used WordPress to Create an Online Writing Portfolio

So, I have been applying for a lot of copywriting jobs lately, and everywhere they asked me for a link to a portfolio, which I never bothered to make. Last week, I came across a job I was really excited about, so when they asked me for a portfolio, I just took the leap.

The process of creating a website for portfolio is pretty simple, and I really don’t know why I kept putting it off.

First, login or sign up at

After choosing to create a website, you have to choose a name for your website. Based on that name, you will get domain name choices, like these:

I chose the free one, because I just wanted some space online to save my writing samples and examples, whose link I can share with employers. Then, I was asked to select a plan. I again chose the free one.

After that, I chose a theme. I wanted a basic layout, nothing too fancy, so I chose the simplest one I could find and just changed the content to add text and remove images.

I just picked a font pairing and then, I was directed to the page which I could customize and launch my site.

It looked something like this.

Once I was done, I just pressed the launch button and my portfolio was good to go.

Then, I just added a Portfolio page and a hidden Contact page (I provided a link for it at the Home page), but I wanted all the attention to be on my portfolio. I made my portfolio page the page to which posts will be added and I just kept adding the examples or samples of the different kinds of content as new posts.

Every time you add a new page, you have to go to Customize under Design section of the sidebar, and change the menu to include the new page. Until I did this, I was not able to see my page on the live website, even in the menu. This is how I kept my contact page hidden, too. I did not customize my menu to include it.

I will share my portfolio in another post. Please feel free to contact me if you need any more information about this, or if you feel like I have missed something out.

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