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Breaks, Breakdowns, More Seizures, and Mindfulness

Hello, and a very happy new year to you and your loved ones. I hope you’re all doing well and have had a good start to 2022. As you probably noticed, I took a long break from the website (and pretty much everything else), beginning mid-2021. If you had been following my journey, you probably know about the Mister’s seizures. He had one in 2019, one in 2020, and 4 in 2021. The doctors say it is perfectly normal until we figure out the right dose of the right medicine for him, but to be honest, it did seem a little scary, especially to my six-year old, who started having nightmares after witnessing the last seizure and was deeply affected by it.

So, I have started the new year with immense gratitude for access to good doctors who try their best to help patients and their families through this slightly unfamiliar terrain, for access to caring school staff who arrange for counselling and similar resources for students and their families, and for prompt emergency services. I really hope that anyone going through a rough experience, has access to such support and services, as well.

Since I found it a little hard to cope with things, too, both at a personal and professIonal level (still no job – honestly, I stopped applying mid-2021), I turned to a philosophy I have been interested in, for a while – mindfulness. Mindfulness, in simple terms, is focussing your awareness on the here and the now, in a way that you’re able to maintain it despite/during changing circumstances. I don’t wish to claim, even for a moment, that it can replace formal help, counselling or direct action. In my case, practising mindfulness has helped me focus my mind on what is important, what needs to be done, rather than getting lost in the labyrinth of whys and what ifs.

In fact, since I started practising mindfulness, I have been able to:

  1. Finally overcome my fear of the road, and learn driving
  2. Make informed decisions about the career path I wish to follow (I have chosen digital marketing over the other options I had been pursuing so far)
  3. Revamped my Etsy shop completely to make it suit my strength and vision
  4. And, most importantly, be a more present parent than I would have been

In the coming weeks, I will be elaborating upon these areas. Hope to see you join me. Until then, stay safe and well!

©️Pebble in the Ocean 2022

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