Life Around COVID-19: Teacher Appreciation

One of the many challenges faced during our life around COVID-19 is virtual learning, especially for Elementary school students. I am really thankful to the role played by teachers in helping kids continue to learn and in helping parents maintain some sanity.

My child, an otherwise calm and school-loving kid was fully transformed during virtual learning. He would have mood swings and meltdowns mid-class. He would not sit in front of the tablet, log out of the session, cry or throw things, without an apparent reason. I understood the challenges he faced – his exciting first year of school being interrupted by the situation around, but I had no clue how to help him.

I often turned to his teacher for advice, and the teacher was always patient in helping me and my child handle these issues. So, I would like to thank our teachers who stood up to the challenge, stayed patient throughout and helped make virtual learning a fruitful experience for children and parents alike – some continue to do so, so that we can feel safe and have peace of mind, during these challenging times.

So, to thank teachers, here is an A4-sized teacher appreciation poster from Pebble in the Ocean, available on my Etsy shop. As Ontario schools reopen, let’s thank teachers for the support they provide to our families, every single day.

Interested? Have a question? Contact me today.

©️ Pebble in the Ocean 2021

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