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What I Mean When I say I’m a Writer by Birth

So, if you’ve read my bio, you know I’ve been writing since the age of 5. What exactly does that mean, though? Did I scribble a few words on the page? Or was it an actual poem? See for yourself: A Rough Translation of the Poem I wrote at Age 5 I wrote these lines… Continue reading What I Mean When I say I’m a Writer by Birth

Blog, Poetry

That Nameless Child

Forgive me, dear child Whose name I can’t remember, Or don’t, or perhaps won’t, As I cannot fight for you tonight. You see, my kids’ exams start tomorrow, And I have to make sure that they’re well-prepared To take on the world, to secure their future. I cannot fight for you, As I have to… Continue reading That Nameless Child


To Create or Not to Create a RedBubble Account

At the beginning of 2021, I decided that I had spent enough time sitting and complaining about not making any money through creative writing. I decided, after endless arguments with myself, hours of self-doubt and a gnawing fear of failure, that I will take matters in my own hands. So, I just went online, and… Continue reading To Create or Not to Create a RedBubble Account


Life Around COVID-19: Teacher Appreciation

One of the many challenges faced during our life around COVID-19 is virtual learning, especially for Elementary school students. I am really thankful to the role played by teachers in helping kids continue to learn and in helping parents maintain some sanity. My child, an otherwise calm and school-loving kid was fully transformed during virtual… Continue reading Life Around COVID-19: Teacher Appreciation