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Being a Stay-at-Home Mom & Why Words Matter

I have been a stay-at-home mom since 2017, and social conditioning, and random comments from random people, have always made me doubt the worth of what I’m doing. Now, after being a stay at home Mom for around 5 years, I can say that I feel more confident of myself and more aware of my… Continue reading Being a Stay-at-Home Mom & Why Words Matter

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Social (Media) Change & Social (Media) Anxiety

Trigger warning - this post and the poem are about high anxiety and stress. Some people, especially those already dealing with these, may feel disturbed by the content. So, after my second one was born, I took a break from social media. I completely disappeared off the face of the www, and that was the… Continue reading Social (Media) Change & Social (Media) Anxiety

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More thoughts on Home & Exile

Trigger Warning: Some readers may find the thoughts discussed in this post disturbing. So, here is another poem I wrote about my confused identity as someone from Kashmir, who has no physical connection with the land, or the trauma associated with exile. This was also published by South Asian Ensemble, like the first poem. The… Continue reading More thoughts on Home & Exile

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Mothers & Daughters & Domestic Violence

Trigger warning: This post has a poem on domestic, gender-based violence and physical abuse, which some people may find disturbing. Growing up in India, I heard so many women discussing marriage; and every time someone talked about their complaints with their husband, some woman commented, “At least he doesn’t hit you.” I talk about India,… Continue reading Mothers & Daughters & Domestic Violence

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A Poem about Home, Exile and an Unspoken Connection

Hello. I hope you’re all safe and well. I don’t know why but I have been thinking a lot about Kashmir lately. Kashmir, often called Paradise on Earth, is a troubled state in India. Its history is stained with violence, unrest and their obvious companion exile. Now, although my ancestors, Kashmiri Pandits, had to flee… Continue reading A Poem about Home, Exile and an Unspoken Connection

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No Time for Rhyme? Tips for Writing Free Verse

Hello. So, before I start the post, let me give you a few updates. First, I did not get a call about either of the two interviews I gave last month. I am now taking a break from applying for copywriting jobs, and focussing on applying for teaching jobs instead. This is something I do… Continue reading No Time for Rhyme? Tips for Writing Free Verse

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How I Write a Poem – A Step-by-Step Tutorial

Before I start this post, let me tell you a bit about myself. I am Deepti, a writer since the age of 5. That is when I wrote my first poem. Since then, I completed my Ph.D. in English, taught English, worked as a copywriter, started a website, shut it down, worked as a freelancer,… Continue reading How I Write a Poem – A Step-by-Step Tutorial


The Circle of Life

The circle of a woman’s life Has turns at every corner, Pointed, piercing ones at that. At every turn, she encounters Her past welded into her present; The seams of her guarded future Slowly sneaking away; The entrances and exits miraculously merged; Speed bumps and roadblocks strewn along the way. Although the baffling maze Makes… Continue reading The Circle of Life


A Mother’s Promise

Dearest D and D, I don’t remember when I took My place in my mother’s womb. I have no recollection of how I grew there, took on the human form, Getting used to it, day after day. My childhood and adolescence Are a blur, as well, of memories I’d cherish forever, and some I’d rather… Continue reading A Mother’s Promise

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That Nameless Child

Forgive me, dear child Whose name I can’t remember, Or don’t, or perhaps won’t, As I cannot fight for you tonight. You see, my kids’ exams start tomorrow, And I have to make sure that they’re well-prepared To take on the world, to secure their future. I cannot fight for you, As I have to… Continue reading That Nameless Child