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No Time for Rhyme? Tips for Writing Free Verse

Hello. So, before I start the post, let me give you a few updates. First, I did not get a call about either of the two interviews I gave last month. I am now taking a break from applying for copywriting jobs, and focussing on applying for teaching jobs instead. This is something I do… Continue reading No Time for Rhyme? Tips for Writing Free Verse


A Mother’s Promise

Dearest D and D, I don’t remember when I took My place in my mother’s womb. I have no recollection of how I grew there, took on the human form, Getting used to it, day after day. My childhood and adolescence Are a blur, as well, of memories I’d cherish forever, and some I’d rather… Continue reading A Mother’s Promise


Opening an Etsy Shop in Canada

Hello, I’ve been holding off on this post because I was hoping to make at least one sale before I introduced my shop. However, I guess it’s going to be a Ta-duh for my Etsy shop for now, rather than a Ta-Da. Pardon my sense of humour. After facing a few rejections and disillusionment-s, I… Continue reading Opening an Etsy Shop in Canada