To Create or Not to Create a RedBubble Account

At the beginning of 2021, I decided that I had spent enough time sitting and complaining about not making any money through creative writing. I decided, after endless arguments with myself, hours of self-doubt and a gnawing fear of failure, that I will take matters in my own hands. So, I just went online, and created my Etsy shop. I’ll talk about that later. This post is about creating a RedBubble shop.

So, creating the account was pretty simple. Just go to the RedBubble website and sign up.

After you have created an account, the instructions are pretty straightforward on the website. Update your profile, add profile photo, cover image, review contact details, among other information about the shop. Once that is done, you have the option to upload your work and select all the products you want your design on. I mainly chose notebook covers, clothing, cushions, totes and one or two other items, based on how the design looked on the items through their preview.

Under Tips for new sellers on the first image in the slideshow, you can see the option of reviewing product pricing. This is the place where you can see information about the percentage of the price that you will receive when an item is sold. From what I have read online, it seems that we can change it at any point. I’m fairly new to the platform, so I haven’t changed it yet. When the shop actually sells something I might consider that.

Why I Chose RedBubble

I created my RedBubble shop and deleted it twice before finally adding products to it. I just wasn’t sure if it was going to prove right for me. Then, I decided that the only way to find out is to give it a try. I chose RedBubble for the following reasons:

  1. Print on demand service that did not require an exorbitant monthly fee
  2. A variety of products to choose for your design – from masks to shirts to bags to water bottles
  3. Easy to sign up, create shop and upload design
  4. From what I read online, they take care of promoting and enhancing SEO, which is something I have been struggling with on Etsy

My business is fairly new, so I am still trying to gauge what and how to sell through it. Since there are so many similar businesses out there, and even more platforms to showcase these businesses, I feel like I really need to spend time observing, understanding, adapting, before I can create a space for myself and my small business in this world.

If you have a RedBubble shop, please share a link to it here, along with challenges, tips, or anything you feel I should know about the platform. Feedback is always welcome.

©️ Pebble in the Ocean 2021

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