A Chance Encounter

It sneaked up on me again tonight,

That memory we made together,

You and I,

On a happier day, with happier hearts.

I hid it under the thickest layer of my heart,

When it was at its heaviest.

I hid it and pretended to forget about it,

And you,

And us.

I saw it tonight,

As it sat on my shoulder,

Like a mischievous butterfly,

Light as a feather;

And I tried to remember its name,

Or recall any other detail about it.

I couldn’t,

So, I just stared at it blankly

As it fought with me,

Its voice shaking with indignation.

“How dare you leave me

Alone in the darkness of yesterday?

Why didn’t you bring me with you

To see the brightness of the promising tomorrow?”

I looked at its innocent, indignant face,

Not wanting to recall its name anymore,

Realizing, that even if it was made with you,

It was still mine,

Not meant to be carried as a burden of the past,

But as a light brightening the road towards the future –

My future, not yours, and certainly not ours.

I caressed it ever so gently,

Smiled at it apologetically,

And took a confident step forward,

Feeling a light comfort on my shoulder –

the comfort of that memory we had made together,

You and I,

On a happier day,

with oh so happier hearts!

©️ Pebble in the Ocean 2021

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