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How to Turn Kids’ Art into Posters

I am really excited about sharing this post, as I really liked the results of this task. I have been using Canva for some time now, especially for personal projects, and I love it. After finishing up with painting with my kids, I sat down on Canva and turned their art into posters.

The process is quite simple actually.

  1. Just sign up for Canva. I use the free version, and I do it on the Canva app on my iPad, so that’s what I will be talking about here.

2. Once you’re logged in, choose Create a Design on top of the page. I usually choose poster or A4 document, but you can choose whichever design you wish to create.

3. Next, find Camera Roll. On my iPad, it appears under More on the sidebar towards the left of the page. (Before this step, click a picture of your kid’s artwork and make the necessary edits to it. Then, save it on the device on which you plan to use Canva.)

4. After clicking on Camera Roll, choose the picture you wish to turn into a poster. It will appear on the design page. Crop it and adjust the size to suit your purpose and clear out any unwanted spots or marks.

5. Next, click on Filter and choose whichever filter you like for the painting. I chose Peony because it gave it a pink tinge and made the colours pop. I used full intensity for the filter. You can easily change it if you want it to be less intense.

6. Next, I clicked on the ellipsis next to effects and changed the transparency of the painting. I adjusted it to make sure the text I was about to write was visible clearly on the poster.

7. Next, click on Text on the sidebar, and choose Add a heading and whichever font style and size you like. I chose the text to match my 2-year old’s personality.

I made two posters with two paintings made by my kids. This is what they look like.

Let me know if you try doing this with your kid’s artwork. It’s a whole lot of fun and a great way to preserve your kids’ creative creations.

©️Pebble in the Ocean 2021

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